High performance tactical-grade digital MEMS accelerometers and gyros for navigation, stabilization, and motion control of dynamic applications

Closed-loop, high performance digital MEMS accelerometers and gyros

AXO® accelerometers and GYPRO® gyroscopes belong to an industry’s unique platform of high-performance, single-axis digital MEMS inertial sensors. Their closed-loop architecture ensures high linearity and maintains a high precision output with an excellent Vibration Rectification Error when operating in high vibrations environments.

High bias stability and repeatability accelerometers and gyros

The sensor’s architecture based on a closed-loop control mode, a high-performance inertial MEMS manufacturing process and a low-noise mixed-signal ASIC allows to achieve excellent bias stability figures, with bias instability of 0.5 °/h for our GYPRO®4300 tactical-grade gyro and 4 µg for our AXO®315 high precision accelerometer.

High resolution and low-noise MEMS inertial sensors

For applications requiring high resolution measurements, Tronics AXO® and GYPRO® high performance MEMS sensors demonstrate a high sensitivity over their dynamic range thanks to their 24 bits SPI digital output, as well as a high resolution enabled by their low noise density and low ARW (Angular Random Walk).

Precision inertial sensors for Inertial Navigation and Positioning

For inertial navigation and positioning in GNSS-denied environments, AXO® accelerometers and GYPRO® gyros demonstrate low bias and scale factor temperature errors over their temperature range, making them the ideal MEMS inertial sensors for integration into high precision navigation, positioning and AHRS systems required by dynamic applications operating in harsh environments.

Low-SWaP alternative to quartz accelerometer, DTG and FOG

Our high-performance, tactical AXO® accelerometers and GYPRO® gyroscopes are a low-SWaP, cost-effective and digital alternative to bulky, expensive, and power-consuming analog solutions like quartz accelerometers, Dynamically Tuned Gyros (DTG) and Fiber Optical Gyros (FOG).

Housed in a miniature and hermetic SMD package, Tronics’ high-precision AXO® accelerometers and GYPRO® gyros feature a compact form-factor, reduced power consumption and provide a 24-bit SPI interface to smooth their integration into high-performance and high-resolution Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).


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AXO®315 key performances

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