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Tronics brings you extensive experience in MEMS process development and manufacturing to help you develop your product
Located in the heart of the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, our 10,000 sq. ft MEMS cleanroom foundry is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and is ready to be your USA based sourced for custom sensor production
The Tronics team is always on the lookout for creative individuals who are a fit for our team from both a technical and cultural perspective. Check out our latest opportunities on our career page.

MEMS Process Development

MEMS Process Development

Every project begins with an initial idea and prototyping. Tronics can be your partner in developing your unique sensor and help you move your sensor out of the lab and into a production environment. Our prequalified process blocks will help significantly speed up your development cycle.

MEMS Manufacturing

When the market is ready for your device, you don’t want your foundry partner to be your limiter. Tronics has the size and ability to scale to meet your manufacturing needs whether it’s 100 or 10,000 wafers a year. Our focus on process quality will guarantee you a reliable supply of high yielding material.

Quality Systems

Our quality systems can provide you the peace of mind that you need for the manufacturing of your sensors. Our electronic MES system ensures your material is processed without mistakes and that all your critical process data is collected, stored, and analyzed. Our facility is certified to both IS0 9001 and 13485 standards.


Tronics specializes in the fabrication and manufacturing of BioMEMS devices and Biosensors.  We have experience dealing with a variety of unique processes, materials, and substrates not found in traditional foundries in order to produce custom biosensors. Our ISO 13485 certified facility is ready to meet the needs of your specific device.


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