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High Performance Inertial Sensors for Railway Applications

The global demand for rail transportation, including passenger and freight activity, is expected to witness a 200% growth by 2050. This trend is driven by the global need for energy-efficient transports demonstrating reduced carbon footprint and supported by the proliferation of funding programs from the governments that aim at renewing the train infrastructures in urban and countryside territories.

MEMS inertial sensors for GNSS assisted navigation

Key features and performances for railway

With more and more trains operating each day, train manufacturers have to build innovative control, signaling and navigation solution to provide a safe, reliable, maintainable and predictable service. Inertial sensors are part of the multiple sensing technologies that can be found inside a train or in the trackside infrastructure to ensure a high quality of service. High performance accelerometers and gyroscopes are the heart of demanding train functionalities like GNSS-assisted navigation, odometry, positioning and breaking systems. Inertial sensors can also be used to monitor passenger comfort or to provide accurate positioning of rail defects when embedded into a diagnostic vehicle operating on rails.

Miniature, digital and highly stable accelerometers and gyros

Tronics designs and manufactures high performance digital MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes that demonstrate high bias stability and repeatability with excellent rejection of shock and vibrations, making them the ideal candidates for integration into IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), INS (Inertial Navigation Systems) or stand-alone inertial modules for railway applications.

MEMS inertial sensors railway


Discover our products for railway applications

If you are looking for digital inertial sensors to enable GNSS-assisted train navigation or train positioning, have a look at our AXO®305 accelerometer and GYPRO®4300 gyroscope.

If you want to enable high resolution train acceleration/deceleration measurement or train tilt measurement, have a look at our low-noise AXO®301 product page.

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