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High Performance Inertial Products

Closed loop acceleration and angular rate sensors

Tronics is today the only supplier of high performance MEMS inertial sensors to provide both closed loop digital SMD MEMS accelerometers and gyrometers components. The company launched its first gyrometer on the market in 2012, followed by a first accelerometer in 2017, to specifically target applications requiring the highest level of bias stability and repeatability.

The high performance GYPROÒ gyrometers and the AXOÒ accelerometers products families are built with a force-rebalance architecture, also called closed-loop architecture, to provide high scale factor linearity and high vibration rejection for dynamic applications. They all feature a 24-bit digital SPI interface and hermetic SMD ceramic package to facilitate customer integration and to provide the highest level of resolution, repeatability and reliability.

High performance digital accelerometers and gyrometers

Tronics’ GYPROÒ gyrometers and AXOÒ accelerometers overpass the performance of all existing MEMS gyros and accelerometers on the market and provide a better SWaP than traditional force-rebalance solutions such as quartz and galvanometers accelerometers and DTG (Dynamically Tuned Gyros).

GYPROÒ gyrometers and AXOÒ accelerometers use the same 24-bit SPI electronic interface thus simplifying the integration at the IMU, INS or AHRS level for the customers. Also, the electronic interface is hard-coded and contains no software to ease customer certification for safety-related applications.

Thus, Tronics’ gyrometers and accelerometers are today used in multiple demanding applications such as train speed measurement and positioning, e-VTOL attitude and motion control, oil & gas drilling and survey, satellite attitude control, optical platform stabilization, and marine motion control units and vertical reference units.