High performance Digital SMD MEMS Gyroscopes

Miniature, digital and high bias stability
SMD MEMS gyros for dynamic applications

Closed-loop MEMS Gyros for dynamic applications

GYPRO® is a unique family of high performance digital closed-loop MEMS gyroscopes housed in SMT packages. The force-rebalance architecture of GYPRO® makes them extremely linear and insensitive to vibrations and linear accelerations. GYPRO® offers high bias stability and scale factor repeatability, low angular random walk and low latency. Our closed-loop gyroscopes product family is well suited to precision attitude and motion control, stabilization and pointing as well as GNSS-aided positioning and navigation applications in dynamic environments.

24-bit Digital and SMT interface

With its small hermetic SMT package GYPRO® offers a digital and SMD alternative to expensive FOG (Fiber Optic Gyros), DTG (Dynamically Tuned Gyros) or quartz gyros. Its 24 bit SPI interface and factory calibration ease their integration and reduce the bill of material at the system level compared to analog sensors by avoiding expensive low noise ADC and complex temperature modeling and compensation. The GYPRO® gyroscopes are ideally complemented by the AXO® high performance digital accelerometers product line.

Performance / Typical valuesUnitGYPRO®2300GYPRO®2300LDGYPRO®3300GYPRO®4300
Input Range°/s±300±300±300±300
Bias instability (Allan variance)°/h0.
Angular Random Walk°/√hr0.
Bias in-run stability°/h30301010
Bias run to run repeatability°/h10101010
Residual bias temperature error (1 σ)°/h45458035
Scale Factor non linearityppm7070100100
Scale Factor run to run repeatabilityppm1001002525
Residual Scale Factor temperature error (1 σ)ppm500500400300
Vibration Rectification Error°/h/g²30300.50.5
Vibration range (operation)g rms4
Data RateHz200170018001800
Size (L x l x h)mm19.6 x 11.5 x 2.919.6 x 11.5 x 2.919.6 x 11.5 x 3.712 x 12 x 5.5
Package CLCC 30CLCC 30CLCC 3028 pins J-Lead
Status In productionIn productionIn productionIn developpment
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Evaluation boards

To facilitate the evaluation of GYPRO® angular rate sensors, Tronics has designed the GYPRO®-EVB2, an evaluation board compatible with Arduino platform. For USB interface, simply purchase an Arduino Yùn board, plug it on the GYPRO®-EVB2 and download Arduino software & drivers


(available for GYPRO® 2300, 2300LD and 3300)


GYPRO® Evaluation Tool - Tutorial - Installation and Programmation of the Evaluation Kit
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Evaluation Tool – Tutorial – Installation and Programmation of the Evaluation Kit

GYPRO Evaluation Tool - Tutorial - Software
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Evaluation Tool – Tutorial – Software