High performance MEMS inertial sensors applications

Inertial MEMS sensors for dynamic attitude and motion control,
positioning and navigation

Railway, land, marine, oil & gas and aerospace applications often require tactical-grade dynamic measurements in tough vibration and temperature environment. Our standard and custom high performance digital MEMS inertial sensors address the ever increasing needs of customers for dynamic measurements in attitude and motion control, stabilization, precise GNSS-assisted positioning and short term secured navigation applications.

The 24-bit digital SPI interface and the hermetic SMT package of our standard high performance MEMS inertial sensors (AXO® acceleration sensors and GYPRO® angular rate sensors) facilitate the integration and reduce the bill of materials of our customers compared to existing analog quartz, mechanical and fiber optic solutions.

The bias and scale factor stability and repeatability of our accelerometers and gyrometers under strong vibrations and fast temperature changes is therefore ideal for building affordable IMU (Inertial Measurement Units), INS (Inertial Navigation Systems), AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference Systems), sensors modules and sensors networks for the dynamic monitoring, control and navigation of critical assets.

INS for GNSS-assisted positioning of trains

IMU for dynamic tilt sensing and platform stabilization

Attitude and motion control in AHRS for VTOL and UAV

Orientation and inclination sensing in Oil & gas surveying