High-Performance ±5 g MEMS Accelerometer for Navigation of Land, Marine and Robotics applications

Superior bias and scale factor repeatability

AXO®305 is a single-axis, high performance, closed-loop digital MEMS accelerometer with ± 5 g input range that offers a digital, cost-effective and low-SWaP alternative to quartz accelerometers.

Its superior 1-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg makes AXO®305 a perfect candidate for integration into high performance Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Motion Reference Units (MRU) for land, railway, marine and subsea applications.

Consequently, AXO®305 is a high performance MEMS accelerometer for navigation of manned and unmanned ground vehicles, underwater robots and drones, and ships.

In addition, it is a perfect candidate for integration into Motion Reference Units (MRU) used for ship motion control and dynamic positioning, platform stabilization and precision robotics.

The hermetic ceramic SMD package combined with a 24 bits SPI interface eases the integration of AXO®305 and reduces the BOM. The built-in self-test ensures initial verification of the sensor’s integrity and continuous in-operation functionality tes.

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MEMS Accelerometer for Navigation

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