MEMS Inertial Sensors FAQ

All you need to know on our high performance MEMS inertial sensors.

The main legal basis for controls on dual-use goods is the European Union Dual-Use Regulation, also known as Council Regulation (EC) No 2021/821 and associated legal amendments. This legislation is directly applicable in all European Union countries, including France. As such, GYPRO® and AXO® products are not dual-use products.

GYPRO® and AXO® products are manufactured and tested in France, Europe

Each sensor is serialized and delivered with a Certificate of Compliance indicating the following test results:

  • Scale factor non linearity at room temperature
  • Scale factor variation over temperature
  • Bias variation over temperature
  • RMS noise [1-100Hz] at room temperature for GYPRO® products and noise density for AXO® products.

GYPRO® and AXO® embed a native digital interface at SPI format. This approach allows to reduce BoM cost at PCB-level by removing the need of costly discrete components such as low-noise amplifier and high-resolution ADC.

Output data rate of products from AXO300 Series and GYPRO4000 Series can be adjusted by the end user to fit the data processing capabilities at system-level. Please contact Tronics to get more information on the data rate configuration procedure.

Bandwidth and latency of AXO and GYPRO products are defined and programmed upfront to fit our target applications and customer use cases. They cannot be changed on the final products. However, bandwidth and latency are factory-customizable to fit some specific application requirements. Please contact Tronics to discuss application cases requiring custom bandwidth and latency configurations.

During factory calibration, each sensor is temperature-compensated over the operating temperature range. 

To achieve optimal performances, it is recommended to perform a new compensation at the system level.

GYPRO® and AXO® products are silicon-MEMS inertial sensors and as such are not affected by magnetic fields.

Arduino-based Evaluation Boards (EVB) can be purchased to run a fast evaluation of Tronics AXO and GYPRO sensors. These EVB provide a convenient way to quickly assess the main product performances, leveraging our evaluation software that allows a swift data acquisition with no need for sensors integration on PCB.

For GYPRO® & AXO® products, the I/O voltage level of the sensor can be directly adapted from 1.8 to 5V, thanks to the VDDIO pin.

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