High-Resolution ±1g Accelerometer and Inclinometer for Railway and Industrial Systems

High resolution and high stability in vibrating environments

AXO®301 is a high accuracy, single axis closed-loop MEMS accelerometer that offers a performance equivalent and cost-effective alternative to quartz and servo-accelerometers at a fraction of their size, weight and power. It overpasses all commercially available MEMS accelerometers.

AXO®301 is perfectly suited to acceleration and deceleration measurements for applications operating in highly vibrating environments, such as land and railway positioning and navigation systems.

The 24-bit digital SPI interface eases the integration of AXO®301 into high performance IMU and INS. The built-in self-test ensures initial verification of the sensor’s integrity and continuous in operation functionality test.

Key performances

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AXO301 high resolution MEMS accelerometer

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