High-Performance ± 14 g Accelerometer for Navigation in Severe Conditions

High performance and stability for precision navigation and positioning in severe environments

AXO®315 is a high performance, closed-loop, single-axis in-plane digital MEMS accelerometer which offers a lower cost alternative to quartz accelerometers at a fraction of their size, weight and power consumption. With a 1 year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg under demanding temperature and vibrations conditions, it overpasses all commercially available MEMS accelerometers;

AXO®315 is the perfect candidate for integration into high performance Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) operating in highly vibrating environments, such as land, railway and air transportation.

The hermetic ceramic SMD package combined with a 24 bits SPI interface eases the integration of AXO®315 and reduces the BOM. The built-in self-test ensures initial verification of the sensor’s integrity and continuous in-operation functionality test.

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TRONICS_AXO315 accelerometer

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