Movea Leads New ASIMUT Project in Partnership with Tronics, EASII-IC and CEA to Deliver Accurate Pedestrian Navigation Without GPS

Supported by French innovation cluster, Minalogic, the initiative will develop innovative positioning capability and devices

Grenoble, France – WEBWIRE – Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grenoble, France – April 10, 2014 – Movea, the leader in embedded software for motion processing and data fusion, today announced the kick-off of the development of the ASIMUT (Advanced and Smart Inertial Measurement Unit) platform. This $8.5 million initiative will make it possible to precisely measure the location and movements of people inside buildings or in other areas even where GPS is not available.

With the ASIMUT platform, important activities such as ensuring lone worker safety inside a building or tracking firefighters, police and security workers during an emergency situation will be more predictable and accurate. The platform also will enable a true augmented reality experience in places like museums and shopping malls.

Four industry players bring together their complementary and leading expertise to the effort, which will be brought to life by a wearable device enhanced with high-performing sensors and advanced data fusion algorithms connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

• Movea, the project leader, will contribute its advanced motion processing technology that provides power efficient, accurate and robust location information with minimal use of a building’s location-based technology and equipment.

• Tronics will design and manufacture the compact and high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers. These developments will benefit from Tronics’ experience in high performance inertial products, such as the Gypro2300.

• EASII IC will build the industrial prototypes for the wearable device, from specification to mechatronics production. The company’s strong competence in system integration and mechanical assembly will be significant contributors to the final product performance.

• CEA, the French research center represented by the LETI and LIST institutes, contributes innovative algorithms for location intelligence based on its expertise in sensor data processing techniques.

The three-year project is expected to bring strong economic and industrial impact, enabling advanced location-based services in the enterprise and consumer markets. First demos are expected in mid-2015.