Acal BFi adds Tronics’ new generation, award winning GYPRO3300 high performance MEMS gyro to its portfolio of inertial products

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Acal BFi is pleased to announce the addition of the award winning Tronics GYPRO3300 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) angular rate sensor with supporting evaluation board to its comprehensive portfolio. Tronics has pushed technological boundaries of design with the GYPRO3300; the sensor utilizes Tronics’ proprietary vacuum wafer-level packaging technology to deliver best-in-class performance and accuracy in an ultra-compact design, while offering a plug-and-play and open source testing approach for users.

Supporting the introduction of the GYPRO3300 is the GYPRO®-EVB2 evaluation kit. Compatible with the open-source Arduino platform, this brand new development kit is a plug-and-play system which enables customers to instantly begin testing and developing the latest sensor technology from Tronics into their own designs.

Martin Kemp, Business Development Director, Acal BFi, commented; “The GYPRO3300 is a true class leading product we are proud to offer. This new generation product brings performance that has never been available in such a compact and efficient package before. Combined with the new evaluation board, I am confident system manufacturer’s designs and solutions will benefit directly from the technological advances made by Tronics. With multiple industries relying on our products and design support, we only partner with suppliers that can deliver this level of solution. Tronics is the prime example of this, developing and deploying proprietary technology with the support of a new evaluation kit to the benefit of customer designs and applications. We look forward to supporting our customers with their designs with this next generation product.

Pascal Langlois, Chief Executive Officer, Tronics, added; “Acal BFi is uniquely placed in the market to not only supply but also support this level of product. At Tronics, we invest heavily in our research and development, resulting in miniaturized products with the capabilities far beyond our competitors. The GYPRO3300 is the latest example of this and Acal BFi is uniquely placed to provide complete design support at this advanced level of technology”.


Tronics’ GYPRO® series, winner of the Industrial Innovation of the Year award at the 2015 BREF Rhone-Alpes Trophies ceremony , defines a new standard for compact angular rate measurement sensors in very demanding applications with the GYPRO3300 MEMS gyro, the latest high performance inertial sensors issued from Tronics.

Combining all key benefits on a single chip, Tronics’ GYPRO3300 product line exhibits miniature size (just 19.6 x 11.5 x 3.7mm), light weight and low power consumption (25mA). Providing angular rate measurement around the Z-axis (YAW), the GYPRO3300 has an input range of 300°/sec with ultra low noise and Angular Random Walk of 0.1°/√h. The 24-bit angular rate output is delivered with a bias instability of just 0.8°/h and a 8grms operating vibration resistance.

Hermetically sealed, the GYPRO3300 is resistant to moisture, smoke, dust and dirt and has been specifically designed to deliver high levels of performance: multiple industries such as avionics, security, oil & gas and marine already rely on Tronics’ GYPRO® series to deliver the accuracy required for very demanding applications. This includes precision instrumentation, platform stabilization, guidance and navigation control, inertial measurement unit (IMU), attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), flight control and back-up instrumentation, unmanned and autonomous vehicles, three dimensional mapping and robotics.


To support the development of system manufacturers’ design, Acal BFi now also offers Tronics’ latest evaluation kit, the GYPRO®-EVB2. Available for the GYPRO® series, including the 2300, 2300LD and 3300, the evaluation kit is fully compatible with Arduino platform and can be used through an USB interface with the Arduino M0 board.

With the GYPRO®-EVB2, customers can easily fine tune their designs with the development kit’s easy-to-use interface. Tronics also provides significant technical support throughout the design and development process, with the team supporting the refinement of designs and interpretation of data. This level of support ensures customer designs are fully optimized to deliver mission critical performance under a wide range of conditions.


Acal BFi is pleased to bring the latest technology from Tronics to its customer base, with both the GYPRO3300 gyroscopic sensor and GYPRO®-EVB2 evaluation board available from Acal BFi, with full customer support from both Acal BFi and Tronics.

This new generation product brings performance that has never been available in such a compact and efficient package before