All you need to know on our GYPRO® high performance digital MEMS gyros.

GYPRO4300 is specified over a range of ±300°/s. However, it is capable of measuring above this value up to about ±450°/s. 

The typical measurement range of GYPRO4300 is ± 300°/s and cannot be adjusted by the end user. Tronics is continuously working on new product configurations tailored to demanding industrial and high-performance applications. Please contact Tronics if you have a specific need for a gyro with a custom input range.

GYPRO4300 has a scale factor of 10,000 LSB/°/s with a 24-bits digital output, which corresponds to a digital resolution of 10-4°/s/LSB, i.e. 0,36 °/h/LSB.

Typical latency of GYPRO4300 product is 1 ms, which is compatible with dynamic stabilization system requiring fast control loop and large bandwidth.

The only difference between GYPRO2300 and GYPRO2300LD is the configuration of the IC. Some filtering stages have been adjusted on the GYPRO2300LD to reduce the latency down to 2 ms. Please note that GYPRO2300 and GYPRO2300LD are not recommended for new designs.

The GYPRO3300 has been designed to improve the sensor behavior under strong vibration condition.

The reliability of GYPRO4300 has been assessed by High Temperature Operating Life Test (HTOL) and High Temperature Storage Life Test (HTSL).
The MTBF for operation at 50°C is > 1 000 000 hours.
Additional information can be provided upon request.

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