Corporate Social Responsibility

Tronics follows in the footsteps of TDK and implements a range of programs and policies to ensure we maintain a positive social, economic, and societal impact

Tronics’ top priorities are customer benefits and the quality and cost-effectiveness of its products, processes and services. Yet these issues are not our sole focus: We are equally committed to sustainable management principles as we strive to reconcile economic, social and environmental protection considerations on a variety of levels.

Tronics is committed to maintaining a high level of business ethics, protecting the environment, and ensuring the occupational health and safety of our employees and these three pillars form the basis of our CSR policies.

Tronics sees itself as a sustainable and responsible partner with moral integrity – in respect of its customers, suppliers, employees and the public. We keep a constant watch on socially relevant developments and risks to ensure that our actions consistently line up with our values in the long term. Our business ethics are rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our obligation to exercise mutual respect, our commitment to dignity and safe working conditions, and our willingness to shoulder responsibility for society and the environment.

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