Quality Systems

Tronics understand that one of the most important criteria in working with a MEMS foundry is quality. It is critical your manufacturing partner has the right quality systems in place to protect your product, especially when it comes to BioMEMS and biosensors.

No Compromise

With its Quality Management (QM) system Tronics is continually improving both its processes and the control of these processes – and thus also its products and services. Customers’ appreciate this strict orientation to quality when manufacturing their product.

We understand the criticality of quality to our industrial and medical customers and understand that no aspects of quality can be sacrificed during the manufacturing process. With this criticality in mind, Tronics ensures our quality systems are both fully compliant and certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards.

Electronic MES System

Tronics uses a fully intergrated electronic MEMS system, allowing for tracking of product as a wafer level.  This system gives us a complete history of product shipped to our critical details such as measurement data, materials used, equipment used, and process times and dates.

Equipment Tracking and History

Equipment is electronically tracked using SEMI E10 standards. Preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled tool qualifications are managed for all of our equipment. The time and date for any tool maintenance and downtime events are carefully logged and stored in our electronic system.

SPC Systems

Tronics utilizes statistical process controls to ensure our equipment and product is performing as expected.  Any out of control and spec conditions trigger material to be placed on hold in our system ensuring any rogue product can be dispositioned and does not reach out customers.