Tronics and Thales team up to qualify the standard product GYPRO3300 for civil aviation applications

Tronics Thales team up GYPRO3300 for civil aviation applications


Tronics, a designer and manufacturer of innovative nano and microsystems, and Thales, a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security markets, will collaborate for the qualification of Tronics’ GYPRO3300 high performance MEMS inertial sensors. This partnership will enable Tronics’ standard product line to be integrated into certain key applications for civil avionics at the global level, typically in attitude reference units for aircrafts.

Only a few months after the signature of an exclusive distribution agreement with AVNET Israel to expand the commercialization of its high performance MEMS gyros, and a noticeable presence at the 2015 Paris Air Show, the momentum of Tronics’ GYPRO® standard product line is accelerating. With significant technological progress made on key parameters, the GYPRO3300 exhibits a vibration survival of ±20 grms, making it ideally suited for highly stable, high-performance applications such as Avionics, Oil & Gas, and Marine.

This collaboration with Thales demonstrates the strong interest from leading companies in these high value-added markets for Tronics’ services and products, as well as the relevance of the company’s positioning and strategy. With more than 21,000 airplanes in service worldwide and a very high demand for new deliveries over the coming years, the air transport sector represents an important avenue of growth for Tronics, in line with the company’s recognized know-how in delivering state-of-the-art solutions for applications with high levels of requirement.

Together with the Tronics team, we have tested the GYPRO3300 product line intensively for very demanding applications such as Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument [IESI*]. The GYPRO® shows great potential for this kind of avionics application,” said Pierre-Jerome Clemenceau, Technical Director for Navigation at Thales Avionics. “With Tronics’ expertise in the MEMS field and Thales’ experience on certified solutions for air transport applications, we are confident we will obtain very robust and competitive solutions.

We are glad to see Thales pay so much attention to our GYPRO® standard product line for such a demanding application segment like the avionics market,” added Pascal Langlois, Chief Executive Officer of Tronics. “This new area that we are opening together with Thales Avionics shows the strength of our collaboration with such a reference partner, and will definitely bring more momentum to the sales and strategic initiatives that have been devoted to this field.

*Integrated Electronic Standby Instruments compute and display altitude, airspeed and attitude information about the aircraft.

This new area will definitely bring more momentum to the sales and strategic initiatives that have been devoted to this field