Tronics Wins 2009 Foundry of the Year Award From EuroAsia semiconductor Magazine

Tronics Honored for Continued Success and Expansion of Its Value-add Custom MEMS Manufacturing Business

CROLLES, France — Oct. 7, 2009 — Tronics, a leading global integrated manufacturer of custom MEMS, has received the 2009 Foundry of the Year Award from EuroAsia semiconductor magazine for its history of profitability and growth, including expanding its capabilities and markets by forming a global group of companies in 2008, during the worldwide economic downturn.

“At the dawn of the . . . global industry downturn, the MEMS manufacturer, which had built its reputation and success in manufacturing customer-specific components for demanding medical, instrumentation and aerospace applications, made significant moves towards penetrating both the U.S. market and higher volume applications by forming a U.S. MEMS manufacturing entity in Dallas, Texas, and acquiring MedTech Development, a full-service medical device engineering company in Sunnyvale, Calif.,” the magazine said. “As a global company providing local support for their customers, Tronics is now positioned for even greater growth and success in 2010.”

The award also highlights the value-add of Tronics’ differentiated custom MEMS manufacturing services, which consist not only of wafer processing but also include design, modeling, simulation, assembly, custom packaging, test and characterization. Tronics services’ value also stems from its unique portfolio of proven technology platforms for manufacturing MEMS by DRIE on thick SOI and silicon, hermetic and vacuum wafer-level encapsulation and vacuum ceramic packaging.

“Tronics’ strategic expansions and our track record have extended our leadership in manufacturing high value-add custom MEMS products for both higher volumes and more diverse applications,” said Tronics’ CEO Peter Pfluger. “This award also recognizes our increasingly global presence with engineering and manufacturing operations in Europe and the U.S. and representation in China and Japan.”

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