Supplier of high performance digital inertial MEMS sensors
Provider of inertial
MEMS foundry services

The only supplier of MEMS accelerometers and gyros
with closed loop architecture, digital SPI interface and SMD package.
Pioneer on inertial MEMS on SOI and high vacuum WLP

Key products


Digital force-rebalance 
SMD MEMS accelerometers


Digital SMD MEMS gyros
 with high bias stability


Inertial MEMS
foundry service

years experience in inertial
MEMS sensing
patent families on inertial
designs and process

Over 1 million

high performance inertial
sensors in the field

Tronics Microsystems SA is a subsidiary of TDK’s Temperature and Pressure Sensors Business Group. We are the only supplier of high performance digital closed-loop inertial MEMS sensors components – acceleration sensors and angular rate sensors (gyros) – and a provider of custom inertial MEMS foundry services.

We are IATF16949 certified and we operate a 6” MEMS front-end facility with an assembly, packaging and calibration line for inertial sensors. Since our inception in 1997, Tronics has been providing differentiated high performance products and services for demanding industrial automation, oil & gas, railway and aerospace applications.

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