Tronics partners with AVNET Israel to expand the commercialization of its high performance inertial MEMS products

high performance inertial MEMS products avnet


Tronics, a designer and manufacturer of innovative nano and microsystems, continues its strategy of worldwide expansion by signing an exclusive distribution agreement with AVNET Israel. This close collaboration will enable Tronics to increase significantly the sales of its miniaturized high performance inertial sensors in a key region with strong development perspectives.

Israel has the world’s most dynamic technological activities, with 4.4 percent of its gross domestic product dedicated to Research and Development (R&D). Israeli manufacturers have a strong desire to develop their own technology capabilities and sources, and provide innovative and advanced systems to key markets such as Aerospace and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). With years of experience in these fields and a well-established customer database, AVNET Israel is an ideal partner for Tronics.

Resulting from strong technology expertise built over more than 15 years, Tronics’ GYPRO product line exhibits performance, size and power consumption specifications in response to the increasing demand for highly stable and high-performance inertial sensors. Tronics has produced more than 1,500,000 high performance devices that system manufacturers worldwide have adopted on a wide scale, and it aims to continue its strategy of deployment through key partnerships to address growing markets.

We see an increasing demand from Israel for high performance inertial sensors dedicated to Avionics applications”, said Pascal Langlois, Chief Executive Officer of Tronics. “Partnering with AVNET represents a key opportunity to offer our customers a local source of supply with responsive, proactive and knowledgeable technical support.”

Our partnership with Tronics enables AVNET to offer our customers European, state-of-the-art inertial products through independent sourcing”, commented Dani Koren, Chief Executive Officer of AVNET Israel. “These products result from the latest technology developments in the sector of nano and microsystems, and allow our customers to compete more aggressively in their respective markets.”

Partnering with AVNET represents a key opportunity to offer our customers a local source of supply with a responsive, proactive and knowledgeable technical support.